Sleeping Gods

Saint Marcus?

The plague is lifted, but at a cost.

Zombie priest

The city of Clyster is freed. The Vampire Lord Tenebron has been defeated and with his death the supernatural plague which gripped the city has dissappeared. Almost every person has made a full recovery, but the toll of dead was heavy, numbering many hundreds.

On a more personal note to the group, Friar Marcus, the priest was slain in the climatic battle in the graveyard where the vampire was raising his army of dead. Selflessly praying for the protection and aid of his allies, a flurry of wounds and deadly arrow shafts cut and pierced his body, sending him crashing to the mud beneath the storm wracked skies to gasp his last breath. He was able to pass his relic to his comrade the knight Ronin before finally expiring, but to add insult to injury, the necromantic magics which Tenebron had laid down in the cemetary acted on the recently dead Marcus to see his body twitch and lurch and rise unsteadily once more, as a zombie!

Important clues were found in the adventure, a note in a journal found that the Vampire had journeyed from Krarth, that he was in concert or dealing with someone or something that knew that Albion’s position was weakened and the time for conquest and domination was ripe. Still more dots need to be joined for the full picture to present itself.

For the present, the survivors accept Governor Beymont’s hospitality for a week while their wounds heal and they inter the body of Friar Marcus, their loyal and brave companion. The Abbot, Edricus and Governor Beymont both said kind words at his funeral. A messenger was sent hastily to Castle Ravensbrook to update the Baron on events, and with these items dealt with, and a bit of shopping by the party’s crafters for calligraphy and magic arrow supplies the group now board Captain Vasilvio’s ship the Crimson Maiden, as the Governor has lifted the port’s blockade, the chain across the harbor has been removed and the trading routes are once again open.

The epic campaign continues on board ship, for the several weeks journey Southwards, going around the island and thus avoiding the ice floes in the North. Festination Criggen Varras; another huge trading city, this time on the Western Coast, there to make contact with the Merchant Prince Melano an ally in former times and to secure passage onwards to Glissom.

Click for some great photos of the climatic battle!

- The Games Master



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