Sleeping Gods

Hearts of Stone

Onwards and Eastwards


The group returned to Castle Ravensbrook to relay the sad news of Lord Almeric, Sir Grisso and Gothryd’s death in the recent adventures to the North around the manor house and in Garambar’s lair.

Baron Aldred listened to the party’s explanation in quiet, solemn contemplation. The audience in the great hall of the castle was attended by almost all of his retinue, his high ranking knights and chieftains were all present, including Mathor the court magician, his apprentice Corvin and Captain Fraser

The Baron, shocked some of the companions by decreeing that while he understood events in the north had taken a terrible turn for the worse because of his enemy Earl Montombre’s soldiers committing acts of war behind enemy lines and a fateful expedition into the lair of the Boar King, he could not forgive the party completely for the fact they had failed in keeping his son and heir alive and safe.

The party was banished and set about gathering their meagre belongings packing them on horseback and riding east, for Clyster; the largest port city on the Eastern Coast of Ellesland, there to take a ship to Criggen Varras where the party had allies and friends.

On the road, under grey and cloud filled skies the group were caught up by three riders who were urging their mounts at a furious gallop. The companions were initially suspicious of an attack but quickly lowered their weapons and their guard when they saw it was Captain Fraser, Mathor and Corvin who had followed them. Fraser explained that the Baron had banished the group as a ruse, he suspected that his enemies had one or more spies within his court, and that the mission to find alliance with Glissom was so important, it was perhaps better served if the group acted in secret, as common mercenaries, and not as men of the Baron. This would at least buy time for them to get to Clyster and get passage on a ship, before the ruse was discovered, if at all. Corvin joined the group and was entrusted with the 20,000 gold peices which Aldred’s tax collectors had managed to gather; a vast sum, the wealth of a realm, to be used to fund and smooth potential alliances, trade agreements and promises of support from the king of Glissom. The other members of the group were tasked with keeping Corvin and the money safe and acting as the Baron’s diplomats upon arrival there, but to keep their mission completely secret until that time.

Arriving in Clyster, the party were shocked to find the city was in the grip of a virulent plague, bravery or foolhardiness or a sense of duty saw the group enter the city which was locked down in quarantine and speak to several high ranking individuals to find out information and see if they could offer some aid. The Abbot Eldricus, Governor Beymont, the Harbourmaster were all sought out and it seems the plague has an evil supernatural element to it. The adventurers took the opportunity of being in a city for the first time in months to purchase supplies, potions, more mundane items, parchment and ink for Corvin’s calligraphy and even rooms and stabling were all at a massively inflated price as the quarantine had locked inside the city walls many soldiers paid out of the army from the recent battle, and many transient refugees from the civil war.

The Governor had decreed no travel out of the city by road or by sea and enforced this with a curfew in the evening, a great chain across the harbour opening and had undertaken to burn the diseased bodies which were piling up at an alarming rate. The cemetary was overfilled and the group found evidence of bite marks, possibly human on some bodies.

Friar Marcus and Brion the druid used their magical skills to keep themselves healthy and to heal others and now the Governor has come to rely on their help to try and break the plague, meanwhile a deal in theory has been struck with Captain Lucio Vassilvio who commands a fast trading cog known as the Crimson Maiden. If the group can make progress and potentially help the city and its inhabitants swiftly they can continue onwards with their main mission without much of a delay!

- The Games Master



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